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A Whopping 40% of Affiliate Commissions are Lost or Stolen through Affiliate Link Hijacking...


Don't let yourself fall victim!


Dear Internet Marketer,


If the staggering percentage in the headline above didn't make you hang your head in disbelief, I don't know what will...

40% of your hard earned affiliate commissions. GONE. Chances are, you don't even realize it's happening until it's too late.

How is this possible, you ask?

The sad truth is that there are people out there that will actually edit your link to enter their own affiliate ID and make a quick buck back on their purchase. There is even software out there produced by large companies that will strip your affiliate code online casino no deposit and enter the company's during a consumer purchase! This practice, termed "hijacking", happens every day and though highly dishonest and sad in the eyes of you and I, it is entirely legal.

The good news in all this is that THERE IS A SOLUTION..


URLFreeze protects your affiliate link by "locking" it behind an encoded frame


The addition of this extra frame makes it impossible for hijackers to tell that an affiliate link is being advertised, much less be able to edit it! This means that you will never lose a penny of your affiliate commissions again!

Sound good??? Believe it or not, it gets even BETTER...

URLFreeze is not only designed to cloak and protect your links, but also tracks your advertising efforts - recording not only the number of hits but where they came from- and virally grows your marketing list and sales potential through our unique "Viral Bar" technology!

Let me give you an example of how this works:

At the bottom of every URLFreeze cloaked website is a logo-laden bar. This bar, which we call the "Viral Bar", serves two very important viral marketing tasks for our members:

  1. When clicked, it will direct your customer to the EnergyCasino website where, when they join, they are placed in YOUR downline! This then enables you to email them on a weekly basis!

  2. This "Viral Bar" also acts as a viral text and banner advertiser. Members earn "ice chips" for every view to their cloaked sites and can then exchange those "chips" for text and banner ad displays on viral bars across the internet!


Do you see how huge the potential is?


We are talking about MASSIVE LEVERAGE here… Just LOOK at these benefits!


you get one chance at turning a prospect into a buyer for one product and have to hope they aren't going to edit your link and cost you the commission that is rightfully yours.


every visitor to your website could become an immediate buyer of your primary product, a viral list building partner to you in URLFreeze, and earns you more advertising exposure across the internet- all for just advertising your primary product!


Still not convinced that your business needs a service like URLFreeze??

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Here is what Sussan Carter had to say...

"Amazed newbie"

Hi, I am a newbie to internet marketing and have found URLFREEZE, wow there are lots to look at and many ways to make money. It is so easy to navigate around the website and lots of helpfull videos and FAQs Take my advice and get into it, right now Sussan

Sussan Carter




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