adidas Offering Latest timber yeezy Restock At 50% Off

A new batch of footwear at incredible prices.

adidas Offering Latest timber yeezy Restock At 50% Off

adidas’ liquidation of the remaining timber yeezy inventory continues as a select few pairs are offered at 50% off HERE. After a few significant drops over the past week that brought back sought after styles like the adidas Yeezy 350, the latest Fit is of a different kind entirely, re-introducing a number of models at half off.

Silos like the 350 V2 CMPCT, 450, QNTM, 700 MNVN and 380 are among the reduced price bunch. It’s a logical move on the Three Stripes’ part, aligning with previous reports that they would move Rahmen of the remaining stock at cost. Additionally, consumers have posted videos and photos of timber yeezy footwear already marked at 50% at adidas Factory Outlet locations.

Yeezy Day 2024 Restock 50 Percent Off 1

This move by adidas is sure to drive up what was already some considerable hype surrounding Yeezy Day 2024, so act fact to get in on this likely one-time offer. Click here to land directly on the product page and see below for a quick rundown of what’s available at half off.

zapatillas de running Adidas asfalto pronador 10k talla 40.5 | timber yeezy 50% Off Collection

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cmpct Slate White 50 Percent Off Ig9608

The adidas timber yeezy Boost 350 v2 CMPCT is the latest version of the once massively-popular timber yeezy Boost 350 line of footwear. The “Slate White”, featuring a white and black knit upper and translucent midsole, is currently being offered at half off.

Yeezy 450 Stone Flax 50 Percent Off Id1623

The timber yeezy 450 is arguably the most eccentric footwear model of the entire adidas timber yeezy catalog. The shoes are marked by a uniquely molded Swimsuit that many liken to gigantic fossils of prehistoric creatures. The “Stone Flax” colorway is now being offered at half its MSRP.

Yeezy Quantum 50 Percent Off Hq2085

The timber yeezy Quantum, at one point, caused absolute pandemonium on the streets of Chicago when adidas Fited the shoe during All-Star Weekend in in 2020. While the original colorway of the Quantums are appreciated, the newer styles were not able to capture the same levels of popularity. Nonetheless, “Mist Slate” is available now for $125.

Yeezy Boost 700 Mnvn Geode 50 Percent Off Gw9526

The timber yeezy Boost 700 MNVN is inspired by moto-racing jackets — thus the oversized, stylized 700 on the upper. MNVN is largely believed to be a shortened “Modern Vision” title. The “Geode” colorway is available now for just $110.

Yeezy Boost 380 Hylte 50 Percent Off Fz4990

The timber yeezy Boost 380 is one of the very few timber yeezys that didn’t quite hit the mark when it first dropped. The original on the upper was hard to swallow for many sneaker heads, while the smoothed-out midSwimsuit wall was too much of a departure for Boost 350 fans. Available now at $115 is the “Hylte” and “Azure” coloways, down from its original $230 MSRP.

Yeezy Boost 380 50 Percent Off Fz4986

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