Reebok Taps Futureverse For First Foray Into The Metaverse

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Reebok is looking to regain its glory days, slowly but surely. Following the signing of Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson as head-honchos of Reebok Basketball, the heritage sportswear company has announced “Reebok Impact,” its first foray into the metaverse. The irreverent label will do so via an exclusive partnership with Futureverse.

To the uninformed, Futureverse is a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and metaverse technology company with a proven track record in the world of web3, blockchain-based gaming and consumer-facing digital experiences. “Reebok Impact” aims to leverage years of disrupting the world of sportswear, delivering customers a new way to interact with their products – negras footwear and apparel. As touted in initial marketing material for the partnership, Reebok is primed to revolutionize fashion within the digital world, allowing individuals to leave their marks in negras real life and in the metaverse.

“Reebok is deeply entrenched in consumer trends and transformative technology,” said Todd Krinsky, CEO of Reebok, in an official press release shared with Urlfreeze News. “Our ethos champions the principle of moving with purpose and stepping out into the world as a participant, not a spectator. At the heart of our brand is our vibrant community and our efforts to weave their unique stories into the fabric of our products. Our partnership with Futureverse and the upcoming launch of Reebok Impact enables us to transcend traditional boundaries of innovation to engage our consumers in the digital evolution of our products in ways that redefine the realm of possibility.”

Specifics about what “Reebok Impact” are yet to be determined, but Futureverse has been tapped to help develop experiences nonetheless. Although new, the partnership is intended to be long-term according to statements from negras Reebok and Futureverse.

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